Qu'Appelle Valley Geolog Stop 9 - Lebret Outwash Plain
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Approximately 14,000 years ago, the Battleford glacier covered the area now known as Stop 9. As this glacier melted, it issued heavy amounts of meltwater which eroded a broad, shallow valley into clay left behind by Lake Indian Head, around 1,000 years before. As melting of the glacier continued, this broad valley was filled with 12.2 metres of sand, the upper 3.0 metres of which is gravelly in the northern and eastern parts of the plain.


Precipitation that falls on the Lebret Outwash Plain does one of three things: it either returns to the atmosphere as evaporation, it returns to the atmosphere as transpiration through plants, or it percolates downward through the sand to become groundwater. Most of the water moves slowly between the sand grains to the edge of the sand plain, where it enters the ravine approximately 1.5km south of Stop 9. Here the groundwater discharges as springs, and returns to the atmosphere by evaporation and transpiration, completing the cycle.


Picture of Stop 9

Plant species found at stop 9:

Alfalfa Harebell Smooth brome
Awnless northern wheatgrass June grass Smooth fleabane
Balsam poplar Long-headed coneflower Stiff goldenrod
Bladder campion Low goldenrod Stinkweed
Blue lettuce Low prairie rose Trembling aspen
Canada thistle Manitoba maple Western snowberry
Common pepper grass Many-flowered aster White cinquefoil
Crested wheatgrass Northern awnless brome White sweet-clover
Dandelion Northern bedstraw Wild bergamot
Dotted blazingstar Northern wheatgrass Wild licorice
False ragweed Pasture sage Wild oat
Fireweed Plains wormwood Wolfwillow or Silverberry
Flixweed Prarie onion Wood's rose
Foxtail barley Prairie sage Yarrow
Graceful (Canada) goldenrod Purple prarie clover Yellow goat's-beard
Great-flowered gaillardia Sandbar willow Yellow sweet-clover
Gumweed Slender wheatgrass  
Hairy golden-aster Smooth aster  


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