Pictures of the Qu'Appelle Valley
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Lakes & Valleys

East coast of Echo Lake Lebret and Mission Lake Echo Lake Northern slope Qu'Appelle River view of valley

Points of Interest

Lebret Church Lebret Hill Old School Teepee at Echo Valley park Wrights cemetary Wrights house

Geolog Stop Tour View Points

viewpoint 2 viewpoint 2 Viewpoint 3 sign for viewpoint 3 viewpoint 3 viewpoint 3 viewpoint 3 viewpoint 3

Animal Life

Bohemian waxwing Forsters tern Forsters Tern gull killdeer ducks Pearl Crescent Pearl Crescent

red-winged blackbird tiger swallowtail twin spotted sphinx pelican in flight white pelican white pelicans white pelicans

Plant Life

saline shooting star sphagnum moss wildflowers wildflowers

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