Welcome to the Fort Qu'Appelle Tour for middle years curriculums! On this site you'll find biology, geography, and geology lessons, virtual tours, and activities from the Fort Qu'Appelle region tailored for middle years classrooms in Saskatchewan.

Why Fort Qu'Appelle?

In 1977, the Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History (now the Royal Saskatchewan Museum), along with Saskatchewan Culture and Youth and the Saskatchewan Research Council developed a geological tour of the Fort Qu'Appelle region for students and those interested in geology. Twelve points in the area were selected for their demonstration of particular geological features. Signs at the sites were built to describe how these features evolved, and a booklet was published with information about the tour and directions to all the stops.

Unfortunately in recent years most of these signs have been taken down, and many of the original features have changed. In 2004 the Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, with generous help from its sponsors, have revived the Fort Qu'Appelle Geolog Tour and redesigned it into a web site for middle years students and teachers. We hope this web site will educate students on what the Qu'Appelle Valley has to offer, and will increase global awareness of this wonderful, resource-rich area of Saskatchewan.

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