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Plant press of Foxtail barley
Foxtail barley
Hordeum jubatum L.


Plant Description:

  • Grass with dense, long awns and a stiff base
  • Grows up to 60 cm tall
  • Sheaths are purplish and hairy, and blades are bluish-green
  • Occurs in wetlands, disturbed sites, and roadsides
  • The awns help disperse seeds by catching on animal fur and people's clothes
  • The awns should not be digested, especially by dogs. The barbs of the awns can cut soft tissue and if digested, will cut the up the digestive tract and cause internal bleeding
  • Found at Stops 1 through 12


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-Sourced from Budd's Flora of the Canadian Prairie Provinces, 1979 and
Plants of the Western Boreal Forest & Aspen Parkland, 1995.
Refer to references for full publication details.

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