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Picture of Canada anemone Plant press of Canada anemone
Canada anemone
Anemone canadensis L.


Plant Description:

  • Grows to 30 cm tall, with a hairy stem and dissected basal leaves
  • Each flower stem is encircled by leaves and has a white flower at the end
  • Occurs in large patches in open-forests and moist places
  • Roots and leaves used in healing compresses, in teas for washes to stop nosebleeds, for treating wounds, and for curing the twitching of crossed-eyes
  • May contain some corrosive irritants
  • Found at Stop 1 - on the Intrepretive Nature Trail and Stop 12


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-Sourced from Budd's Flora of the Canadian Prairie Provinces, 1979 and
Plants of the Western Boreal Forest & Aspen Parkland, 1995.
Refer to references for full publication details.

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