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Picture of Balsam poplar Picture of Balsam poplar
Balsam poplar
Populus balsamifera L.


Plant Description:

  • Very tall tree, growing up to 25 m tall
  • Bark turns from gray-white to dark gray as it ages
  • Dark green leaves are egg-shaped and narrow into a pointed end
  • Grows along waterways and in ravines
  • Tea can be made from the buds to alleviate sore throats
  • Used to treat pain as the buds contain salicin, which is close in relation to the active ingredient in Aspirin
  • Creams can be made to treat infections
  • Found at Stops 1, 2, 8, and 9


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-Sourced from Budd's Flora of the Canadian Prairie Provinces, 1979 and
Plants of the Western Boreal Forest & Aspen Parkland, 1995.
Refer to references for full publication details.

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