What is in There?

The Action

A small ball of paper placed in the opening of a bottle will come out when you try to blow it into the bottle.

Grade Level

Grade 2 - Air and Water


A clear, empty soft drink bottle

A small wad of paper (no bigger than a pea)


Place the bottle on the table on its side.

Place the small wad of paper just inside the mouth of the bottle.

Blow into the bottle. The piece of paper should come flying out.


Be aware that the ball of paper may come flying out and hit you in the face.


The wad of paper must be small, no bigger than a pea.

Science Principle

The bottle appears to be empty, but it is full of air and air creates pressure. By blowing into the bottle, more air is pushed in. There is only so much space in the bottle so when more air is pushed in some of the existing air is pushed out. The air flowing out causes the ball of paper to be popped out.

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