Quickstart Demonstrations

Chemical Reactions

Bubble Bomb

Cleaning Pennies

Counterfeit Money

Fight a Fire

Hard Water

Heat in a Bag

Invisible Ink

Mr. Freeze

Oxidation of Luminol

Shaking the Blues

Slime - Polymers

Spark Art


Bending Water

Charged Objects

How a Flashlight Works

Separating Salt and Pepper


Bubbling Bottle

Coloured Fountain

Floating Egg

Heat and Motion in a Glass

Heat Currents Illustrated

How Many Pennies?

Liquid Kaleidoscope

Poor Man's Lava Lamp

Powder Glove

Soap and Oil

Unbreakable Balloons

Light and Sound

Bottle Organ

Creating Illusions with Reflections

Is the Sky Really Blue?

See Some Sound


Air Cannon

Air Pressure Defies Gravity

Birthday Candle Wish

The Funnel and the Ball

Hot Air Rises

Magical Inflating Balloon

Lunch Bag Magic

The Mysteriously Moving Ball

Moving Cans

Pop Can Crushing

Shrinking Egg

Soap Powered Boat

Spinning Can

Squirting Water Holes

Test Your Strength

Toothpicks Come Alive

What is in There?

States of Matter

Candles Reignite

Cloud in a Bottle

Homemade Rain

Lift an Ice Cube with Salt

Seperating Colours