Pouring Air

The Action

Air is invisible, that is, unless we pour air from one beaker to another, under water!

Grade Level

Grade 2 - Air and Water


Small beaker (x2)

Lots of water

Large transparent container


Fill the large, transparent container ¾ full of water. Invert and submerge the first beaker underwater. While holding the first beaker with one hand, use your other hand to lower another beaker underwater in an upright position. After it fills with water, invert the second beaker above the first. Slowly tip the first beaker (filled with air) so that bubbles stream upward into the second beaker (filled with water). In this sense, you are pouring air.

Science Principle

When inverted, and submerged the first beaker is full of air. This air keeps the water out. By inverting the second beaker upright we allow it to fill with water. When this second beaker is inverted above the first, there is no change and it is still filled with water. When we tip the first beaker (filled with air) and allow the bubbles to accumulate in the second beaker we can actually see the "pouring of air" underwater.

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