Balancing Clown

The Action

The clown should stand balanced on his nose using different items such as a cup, pencil, finger or something else.

Grade Level

Grade 1 - Motion


White construction paper


Stick Glue


Four Pennies

Scotch Tape


Photocopy drawing of clown. Cut out the clown. Color the clown. Glue it to the construction paper and cut around. Tape a penny on each side of the clowns wrists. Try standing the clown upside down with it's nose on the edge of a glass, or pencil, or other object


If students are cutting out the clown take precautions with the scissors.


Stick glue is better to glue the clown to the construction paper because white glue will cause the clown to curl slightly as it dries.

If the clown is not balancing check if the legs are too long causing more weight at the top end, or if the pennies are not equal on both sides.

Science Principle

The coins in his hands place the centre of gravity below his nose. If the cons are balanced, the clown will continue to do a headstand.

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